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1. an instrument used to intensify sounds.
2. an electric circuit in which oscillations of a certain frequency are set up by oscillations of the same frequency in another circuit.
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A device for employing inductance to create an electric current of very high potential and small volume.
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Q. who much cost the resonance magnetic machine? new or used

A. here is a company that you can even get a MRI scanner in a leasing program:

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In fact, this filter can be seen as a constitution of five resonators. Two dual-mode open-loop resonators are denoted by [L.sub.1], [L.sub.2], [L.sub.3], [L.sub.4], [W.sub.1], and [W.sub.3].
In this paper, 41 resonators are combined into 1D metalens with parabolic phase profile as shown by the symbols in Figure 2(d) at the operational frequency of 0.68 THz ([lambda] [approximately equal to] 441 [micro]m).
The designed tag consists L-shape resonators. The critical design parameters [L.sub.g], [W.sub.g], [L.sup.V.sub.i], [L.sup.H.sub.i], W, [[DELTA].sup.V], and [[DELTA].sup.H] are, respectively, the ground length and width, the length of ith resonator in the vertical and horizontal directions (i = 1, 2, ..., N), slot width, and vertical and horizontal spacings.
The wavelengths are much larger than the distance between two resonators, so that the latter are described by a continuous distribution.
This paper aims to explore the application of such slotted resonators as particles to enhance performance of bandstop filters.
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In this paper we study whispering gallery modes (WGMs) in isotropic and anisotropic dielectric ellipsoidal resonators. Whereas nonspherical WGMs have been already studied in the past, and their analytical expression was given in terms of spherical-like functions [10,11] or superposition of spheroidal modes [12], to the best of our knowledge no papers have been written on analytical solution for the anisotropic case.