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A person who is engaged in and has expert knowledge of a science, especially a biological or physical science.
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Vox populi A person active in a field of science. See Cited scientist, Clinical lab scientist, Gentleman scientist, New scientist.
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Q. i have heard that number of scientists found out in one of there researches that breasts Cancer is capable to just disappear with out a treatment , have any one read this article/research ? or maybe just heard about it ? because it is interesting why and how this result happens ...

A. hi pinkofdestiny - try also these links, i know and read a lot about the books of Phillip Day and recommend them to everybody. cancer can be healed and there are also ways to make with success prevention:

before a woman should loose her breast, she should make a therapy with vitamine B17 - the vitamin which can eliminate cancer in any form, but you should not know about it! it is terrible, but it is the way how politicians and industry-trust treat us.

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Research scientists may write articles about their findings for academic journals or devise ways to apply their research to advance their employer's goals.
He is a research scientist, Soils and Crops Research and Development Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Quebec City, Quebec.
Lena Norman, Research Scientist, Healthy Heart Program/Lipid Clinic at St.
Also, the Eugene scientists have worked with an Albuquerque-based research scientist on the program, he said, and ORI has an office there.
Prior to joining CoreNet Global, Ellis served as senior research scientist with Georgia Tech Research University.
Vernon Barnes, a research scientist at the Georgia Institute for Prevention of Human Disease and Accidents at the Medical College of Georgia.
"We use a filler level of only 2.5% compared to 12% to 28% addition levels with conventional TPO," says GM research scientist Will Rogers.
"He was so proud of Greece, he ran a road race with a tunic on," recalls Kontos' longtime friend and colleague Russ Mazzeo, a recently retired senior research scientist in rubber chemicals at Crompton who knew Kontos from his first days at Uniroyal Chemical, in 1963, when he became his assistant.
Eaton is a research scientist with more than 20 years of product development experience in the private and public sectors.
Nursing Homes/Long Term Care Management asked Bettye Rose Connell, PhD, a health research scientist with the Rehabilitation Research & Development Center at the Atlanta VA Medical Center, to share her expert views.
David Belluck, a research scientist with the Minnesota DOT.

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