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request for proposal



Notification by a foundation or government agency that funds are available for research projects and that research sponsors are seeking applicants for those funds.
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Additional details, and the full request for proposals, may be found on the state's e-procurement site.
The request for proposals is to build solar projects between 1 and 10 megawatts within the company's Iowa service territory that are to power between 200 and 2,000 average homes.
The request for proposals notes the signed agreements between a developer and the adjacent private landowners, though it indicates that proposals that span the entire area will also be considered.
Cooney said the request for proposals will be discussed at the village board's workshop on Tuesday, May 8.
Judging from the Request for Proposals, the agency is looking to hire a large, established brokerage firm, with plenty of experience in the New York market and the surrounding suburbs.
A listing of those service areas for each state, and the estimated grant amounts are included in Appendix-A of the Request for Proposals. The Request for Proposals and other information pertaining to the LSC grants competition will be available at
Burden announced a Request for Proposals (RFP) for planning and design services in Long Island City for pedestrian, bicycle and bus connections between the neighborhoods, offices, retailers and cultural institutions.
The LMDC and City Planning have issued a Request for Proposals seeking consultants to conduct the study.

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