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Do your bit by trying to understand why your child was naughty at school, why your partner is moody, and why your sister has all that repressed anger. Misunderstanding is our biggest global enemy.
"The transition march of national shame, has lasted for two decades and continues to develop in all media producing frustration, horrifying inhibition, repressed anger, disappointment and distrust in the ability of the government and in its individual ability to produce quality and success," says Velinovska.
"Repressed anger is the primary emotional factor contributing to chronic sinusitis," he said.
Incredibly, during all the hellish fighting, the Japanese proved to be indefatigable diarists, and Campbell frequently quotes from their writings to illustrate their agony, resolution, and repressed anger.
As a result, emotions such as repressed anger and insecurity are frequently brewing within, and these emotions often surface in the form of angry and offensive outbursts that have little or nothing to do with any occurrence in the present moment.
Ironically, that repressed anger is part of what drives Baptiste, feeding his will, courage, and determination to succeed.
As in the remake of the first part, Lewis again carries the load brilliantly, his Soames displaying a blend of repressed anger and regret with love and stubborn pride.
'There is an element of repressed anger which needs to be treated as well.'
At the same time, they navigate the complexities of their social lives and academic life at school, often returning to homes characterised by sadness and anxiety, repressed anger and even depression.
Garcia is all repressed anger and sadness as Dr Hunter, a man trying to get his life back on track and make sense of what happened to his son, and Kartheiser is very good as Tommy, the seemingly innocent victim who is hiding a terrible dark secret and is prone to outbursts of extreme violence.
Fear of consequence (Diamond) and individual will (Frankl, 1984) both can work to prevent an individual from acting out violently even if there is a great deal of repressed anger. Socially sanctioned self-repression, the social values that help regulate appropriate social behavior, can also create stress and anxiety (Diamond).
The patient, a 43-year-old man who was particularly unable to think psychologically and whose repressed anger was the nub of his many problems, revealed after some time in psychotherapy that he was hypertensive.