Repressed Incest

A mental trauma which may be ‘uncovered’ by Recovered Memory Therapy, a pseudotherapy, which alleges that millions of adults were sexually abused as children, but don’t remember it because the trauma was so intense it remains locked in their memories.
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The Shari Karney Story (based, like Sybil, on a true story), an attorney's own repressed incest memories are triggered during her attempt to represent the mother of a three-year-old paternal incest victim in a custody battle with the child's father Karney's memories are validated in the movie not only through their imagistic representation, once again in subjective fragments from the point of view of a child, but in the Karney character's symptomology identified as having predated her recovery of the incest memories: she wears oversized clothing, has a makeup phobia, and experiences panic attacks during sexual intercourse.