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A specimen for electron microscopic examination obtained by coating a crystalline array or other virus material with carbon; the mold (the replica) obtained after the viral material has been dissolved provides details of structure and arrangement.
[It., fr. L.L. re-plico, to fold back]
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DPR replicas could also be scaled up or down in size, to suit the needs of a particular application.
Como parte de ese privilegio, en los pasados meses me ha tocado ser el responsable en materia de replica.
The Archaeological Replicas Unit was established in October 2010 with the amendments made to the Antiquities Protection Law.
However, can these replicas ever get close to the real thing for driving fun, or are they just pale imitations?
That same outlet also stocks a [euro]240 replica sniper rifle used by Britain's SAS and there are a huge selection of handguns that look just like the real thing available in many shops and online from as little as [euro]25.
ISLAMABAD -- Despite legal battle of a couple of designers brand owners to protect their intellectual property rights the replica lawn dresses, the counterfieits, are selling with popularity and demand.
The replica tape method of measuring surface profile is widely used and accepted.
The police should make haste to visit these Lighters Galore stalls in the malls and confiscate these handgun replicas before the next crime is accomplished.
The Boulder paper reported 10,254 branded edition circulation, 7,500 digital non-replica edition circulation, 2370 digital replica circulation and 20,359 plain old print circulation.
A case had arisen in which a company based in Germany had built an unlawful replica of a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (W 198 series).
Replicas of the Crown Jewels were made around the time of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation in order to travel and to be shown to the Commonwealth countries.