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Rensis, U.S. social psychologist, 1903–.
Likert scale - a method of measuring attitudes.
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7) Eminent social scientist Rensis Likert at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan provided Truman with a report completed at the institute along with a handwritten note at the bottom explaining how the institute's methodology differed from the other polls.
Likert scaling, introduced Rensis Likert (1932, 1970), is the most widely used method of measuring personality, social, and psychological attitudes (Babbie, 1998; Nunnally, 1978).
Writing in the July 1959 issue of the Harvard Business Review, Rensis Likert offered this critique of performance appraisal:
Authors Bio: Karl Weick is the Rensis Likert College Professor of Organizational Behavior and Psychology, and Professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan.
Three of the most commonly discussed (OK, accepted) theories today are those of Chris Argyris, Rensis Likert, and Fred Luthans.