H., 20th-century Canadian physician. See: Renpenning syndrome.
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(53) Mutations of PQBP1 leads to mental retardation/intellectual disability syndromes called Renpenning syndrome, Golabi-Ito-Hall syndrome, Southerland-Haan syndrome, Hamel syndrome and so on that accompany microcephaly at 80-90% frequency and other minor anomalies at a low frequency.
(45) The structural analyses of two research groups confirmed that the C-terminal domain is essential for interaction with the splicing factor U5-15KD, (58) and human mutations of Renpenning syndrome is reported in the motif sequence critical for interaction with U5-15KD.
Nursing theorist Dorothea Orem presented the concept of self-care, self-care deficit, and nursing agency as a framework to understand and interpret experiences (Orem, Taylor, & Renpenning, 2001).
The specific actions of the dependent care agent to provide health care are determined by changes in the health of the dependent person, and may include the management of complex technology associated with care (Orem, 2001; Taylor, Renpenning, Geden, Neuman & Hart, 2001).
of Missouri-Columbia) and Renpenning, a nursing consultant, consider the science of self-care, the foundational nursing sciences, and the practical nursing sciences as the basis for evidence-based practice and education.