Diatrizoate, see there.
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pneumoniae in HL cells and elementary bodies (EB) purified by Renografin gradient centrifugation as previously described [7].
trachomatis was initially propagated in McCoy cells and purified by Renografin gradient centrifugation [14].
pneumoniae was initially propagated in HL cells and elementary bodies (EB) were purified by Renografin gradient centrifugation [15].
Content of interleukin-1 (IL1) and tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] (TNF-[alpha]) was studied in the culture of the patients' blood mononuclear cells obtained from fresh heparinized blood culture by centrifugation in the renografin density gradient.
parkeri organisms (Maculatum strain) were obtained by the renografin purification method from infected Vero cells (25).
Some characteristics of heavy and light bands of Rickettsia prowazekii on Renografin gradients.
Remaining vegetative cells and cell debris were removed with a renografin step gradient as described previously (25).
Approximately 10% of all imaging studies performed in the United States each year, or about 10 million exams, involve contrast media.[1] Currently, nonionic contrast costs 10 to 15 times more than ionic contrast.[2] For example, 50 mL of iopamidol (Isovue 300), a frequently used nonionic contrast agent, costs approximately $80, compared with $5 for diatrizoate (Renografin 60), an ionic agent.
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I know of a lab that draws blood immediately after injection of 100 cc of Renografin using the same needle in the same vein before withdrawal to obtain their blood for studies.