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Expropriation Government The process whereby a government may transfer ownership of privately-held units to itself; the government then assumes either partial or complete responsibility for managing and controlling the expropriated enterprise

Patient discussion about nationalization

Q. What drug do you feel is the largest threat to our nation? There are lots and lots of drugs easily available to man kind. What drug do you feel is the largest threat to our nation?

A. Hydrofluosilicic acid which is a hazradous waste byproduct of the phosphate industry used to fluoridate water in two thirds of this country! Even if you don't have it in your community, processed foods mafe in cities that do will have it. I could list for days how this is a "drug". It has political roots as to why it is even used in the first place and it does NOT help with tooth decay, FACT! It leaches calcium out of the bones. Many are told they have osteoporosis when in could be osteosacoma that they have. It builds up in your bodies and can cause cancer. If this substance was not sold to municipalities for drinking water, the phosphate industry would have to dispose of it as a hazardous waste product which would cost millions yet they sell it to cities for their water supplies and make a very handsome profit!
Interesting to note, "fluoride" was used by the Germans to make the Holocaust submissive! Hmmm.. wonder what the real reason is for putting it into our wa

Q. Is anyone a memeber of the NAtional Fibromyalgia Association? Hi everyone. i was wondering if anyone was a memeber it is 20 dollars for a basic memebership and 25 for an online. ALso does anyone subscibe to the Fibromyalia AWARE magazine? I looke dthis info up online and am just wondering if it is worth the cost. Any input would be appreciated.

A. It sounds to me that it's worth being a members of this organization. You can receive a lot of information and guidance. This way you can also help others. Thanks for the excellent link Dagmar.

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Yesterday, the unions tabled the emergency motion calling on Labour to renationalise the railways.
What's wrong with Corbyn's mission to renationalise the railways, the energy companies, Royal Mail?
During a TV debate on Wednesday night, John Swinney was asked if an independent Scotland would renationalise the service.
At the union's conference in Newcastle yesterday, members called on the Government to renationalise coal, water, electricity and transport.
UNIONS today stepped up their campaign to renationalise the railways by calling for an end to the ``nightmare'' of privatisation.
MPs have launched a campaign to force the Government to renationalise rail services out of Liverpool Lime Street, after chaos in setting up a new franchise.
72 per cent support the Green desire to renationalise the railways - just 19 per cent opposed
THE Scottish Government have demanded powers to renationalise the railways as the furore over the west coast main line farce continues.
We should renationalise them and get on with what should be a vital piece of state infrastructure.
A campaign to renationalise the railways received the backing from unions last night after they demanded an end to the "nightmare" of privatisation.
Yesterday on a show of hands the conference voted to renationalise the rail network despite an impassioned plea by the Transport Secretary Alistair Darling not to do so.
The protesters, who used to work in pits in Yorkshire and Derbyshire which closed years ago, said the Government should renationalise collieries to preserve the few jobs that remain in the industry.