Renaissance Man

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A person who has mastered multiple disciplines and/or arts
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Jonathan Miller hates being called a Renaissance man
In order to provide a context for these philological concerns, Shakespeare and the Mismeasure of Renaissance Man opens by surveying "The Renaissance Art of Measurement," as the first chapter is titled.
A RENAISSANCE man proved what a fool he is when he stopped off at Kenilworth castle as part of his 100-mile jig.
Introducing Nicholas of Cusa: A Guide to a Renaissance Man.
In fact, when director James McTeigue and screenwriters Larry and Andy Wachowski (the Matrix trilogy) were updating the graphic novel's anti-Thatcherite politics for the screen, they changed one prominent character from being Evey's straight lover to being the closeted gay host of a popular talk show (played, natch, by gay Renaissance man Stephen Fry) who hides Evey after the government suspects she's in collusion with V.
And, of course, the narrowing of expertise is, by definition, "the death of the Renaissance man.
Gordon Parks is a man of many gifts--the consummate Renaissance man, who has excelled in a wide range of arts ("A Lion in Winter," page 22).
A true renaissance man, Wong explored horticulture after he retired, and held two patents for his own species of plums and nectarines.
If there's a modern arts Renaissance man in Sarasota, it's jazz musician and abstract painter Bill Buchman.
Moyer is a bit of a Renaissance man, with a law degree from Yale.
He came of age during the Harlem Renaissance in a family that associated with the best of Black America: the poet Langston Hughes, the jazz genius Duke Ellington, the renaissance man Paul Robeson, and the dean of all African American intellectuals, W.
is a renaissance man who made his mark as a sought-after futurist, marine biologist, educator, artist, photographer, researcher on conscious ness and management consultant.

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