Renaissance Man

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A person who has mastered multiple disciplines and/or arts
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He did a number of different things but would have been appalled at being called a Renaissance man.
The erstwhile Spider-Man star is rapidly turning into cinema's renaissance man.
THE renaissance man of Molineux, Jody Craddock, is pretty pleased with his achievements this season and rightfully so.
Hollywood star Steve Martin denying he is a Renaissance man.
BBC Two Wales, tomorrow, 8pm Is there any better example of a modern day renaissance man than dear old Stephen Fry?
Even in place of Ridgewell, and now broken kneecap victim David Murphy, Djimi Traore, a player who appeared destined to never make a first-team appearance in a Birmingham shirt, looks set to play a part in the club's most-important 90 minutes of the season alongside renaissance man Franck Queudrue.
When exactly was the last time political Renaissance Man Tom Rath backed a winner in the New Hampshire primary?
This vertiginous and urgent task of measuring the measurements--and the measurers--is the subject of Paula Blank's second book, Shakespeare and the Mismeasure of Renaissance Man.
David Pogue is something of a modern-day Renaissance Man.
I love being an Air Force officer, because it gives me the opportunity to be a bit of a renaissance man.
The film's subject and born-again Renaissance man Christian Hosoi called down the blessings in a speech that was as impassioned as it was lengthy.
A RENAISSANCE man proved what a fool he is when he stopped off at Kenilworth castle as part of his 100-mile jig.

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