remote viewing

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remote viewing,

n a term used to describe the anomalous cognition that allows a subject (the ‘receiver’) to obtain information about a distant target object or image to which the subject and the researcher are blinded. See also anomalous cognition.
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The data from medical devices can also be transferred to an EMR that is accessible to remote viewers.
Taking advantage of the ultra low latency capability, the integrated audio channel allows real-time two-way voice communication between the operator and selected remote viewers.
More interesting are the accounts about search tasks involving remote viewers.
A separate video shows that TSA's remote viewers seem only separated from each other (and who knows who else might be roaming past) by short eye shields-- but I guess if they cannot see us directly it's all right.
Also included are the stories of how skilled remote viewers learned about the fate of the Mars Observer that was 'lost' as it entered orbit around Mars; gained knowledge of a series of mysteries (the most prominent of which was the assassination of President John F.
THE name Remote Viewers might seems a little strange at first for a saxophone trio, girl vocalist and electronics.
Another company which employs 14 remote viewers, has been asked by the FBI to predict likely targets of future terrorist attacks and responded that a "sports stadium" could be a likely target.
At night, the business can display presentation of saved Livecast clips and stills that give remote viewers an overview of the entire facility.
Peter Botsaris, president of Garrick-Aug, notes that the visuals and data can be teleconferenced to remote viewers, "so that it isn't even necessary to be in the Technology Center for the analysis.
Key SAIC studies included five people identified as experienced remote viewers.
It is also possible to have discussions and ad hoc commentary about the videos among remote viewers even as the tape is being played.

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