remote sensing

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remote sensing

a term used to cover distance photography and satellite data-gathering techniques on a large scale.


at a distance.

remote cause
predisposing cause.
remote sensing
perceiving or measuring change in physical or chemical parameters from a distance.
remote treatment
see injection collar.
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Each UP32H supports occupancy sensing, two (2) digital inputs for condensate switch, dirty filter or other fault condition, and an advanced remote sensor bus.
At first thought, a switching regulator may seem to be the most logical choice; however for many remote sensor applications a low dropout (LDO) linear regulator can provide a more efficient and appropriate power solution.
Most remote sensors can transmit data 80 or 90 feet, with the best ones reaching up to 300 feet, but walls and other obstructions can sharply reduce their range.
The thermal remote sensor is said to deliver optimum performance in extreme conditions.
After relocating to Denver in 1983, Stedman received funding from the Colorado Office of Energy Conservation, selling the office on the idea that a fully honed remote sensor could be used to alert motorists with dirty engines that a tune-up would get them better gas mileage.
Citing recent large orders from The Boeing Company for the US Department of Homeland Security's SBInet Program and from L-3Com in support of the US Marine Corps Tactical Remote Sensor System, McQ President and founder John McQuiddy said, "We are pleased with the strong growth of our business in recent years, and we look forward to bringing a new production facility on line to support customer needs now and in the future.
The company has a premier position on critical DoD programs, including the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS), Tactical Remote Sensor Systems (TRSS), the Operational Test - Tactical Engagement System (OT-TES) and the U.
We expect that development of this application may result in a new remote sensor capable of detecting remote targets that may be toxic or contain toxic residue.
The ADT7484A and ADT7486A are simple, 1-degree centigrade accurate, digital temperature sensors that monitor their own temperature, as well as one (ADT7484A) or two (ADT7486A) remote sensor diodes.
is a provider of: advanced remote sensor systems, chemical detectors, intelligent surveillance and advanced 3D imaging technology solutions to the defense and homeland security marketplaces.
BOSTON -- Advanced Remote Sensor Provides Capabilities to Respond to DHS Secretary Chertoff's Call for New Protective Measures for 15,000 Chemical Facilities Located in the United States
Army's Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) for remote sensor technology products and engineering services totaling $4.

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