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Relating to or marked by ecstasy.
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The Turkish teachers who work in these schools are not missionaries, but they are extremely successful as they focus on their work with proficiency and religious ecstasy.
Their musical and artistic rituals play an important role for them to reach religious ecstasy and to communicate with God, she said.
His previous work has involved creating video installations which examine revolutionary, militancy and religious ecstasy, a process Mark describes as a "conceptual documentary way of approaching contemporary art.
Hegel's Natural Law essay saw culture as tragic in form, and history itself as fateful, whereas the Phenomenology examines normative conflict within culture and its putative resolution in religious and philosophical consciousness Individuality is rescued, finds a "destiny" beyond fate, whereas Nietzsche dissolves it, in Dionysian chaos or in religious ecstasy.
Made in white marble, the whole piece almost melts before the viewer's eyes, allowing the swirling folds of the saint's clothing to lead upwards towards the experience of religious ecstasy on her face.
Spirituality is a famously amorphous term that can be applied to anything from religious ecstasy to a walk in the park.
Along with Ball's reference to martyrdom--another reminder of Marie Antoinette--the hierarchical placement of his work's distinct parts suggests levels of religious ecstasy, thus fusing creativity, sex, art, and religion.
As for soprano Kristine Opolais: her singing brought a properly operatic drama to the performance (so much of this writing sounds like Aida, from impassioned muttering to soaring religious ecstasy.
They appear to be in some kind of religious ecstasy, almost as if they are worshipping the false gods of commerce.
She also seemed to have confused/fused sexual rapture and religious ecstasy.
To a typical observer, this dangerous practice may not make much sense; for the participants, however, this act of obedient selflessness results in a kind of religious ecstasy and an authenticating sense of spiritual power.