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n the reimplantation and splinting of a tooth into the alveolus after dental trauma, such as avulsion, or following removal of the tooth. It is performed to prevent permanent tooth loss and to restore the dentition so the patient can speak and eat normally.
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Ahmmed et al conducted a mail survey of consultant otolaryngologists in the United Kingdom with respect to their use of grommet reinsertion or hearing aid placement in children with persistent OME following tube extrusion.
Removal and reinsertion of standard fasteners often destroys formed threads, creating chips, debris and contamination.
It carries up to 50 lbs and features pinch-free friction disconnect for simple removal and reinsertion.
This high-speed door opens and closes at a speed of 48" per second for efficient climate control and reduced energy consumption, has an automatic reinsertion system allowing the curtain to reinsert after impact, a soft-bottom edge for maximum safety, and vision panels capable of providing full width visibility.
Integration, the final money laundering stage, is the unnoticed reinsertion of successfully laundered, untraceable proceeds into an economy.
The second half of the book deals with the difficult reinsertion of this man into society when, eventually, he is released from jail and reappears abruptly in the outside world.
They require no chemical sealants, eliminating the risk of fluid system contamination during removal and reinsertion.
If reinsertion at the scene of the accident isn't possible, place the tooth, bathed in saliva, under your tongue or inside your cheek until you get to the dentist's office.
An essentialist ingredient may reside within the most fastidiously antiessentialist analysis; much postcolonial theorizing reasserts difference as something formerly and coercively denied, but this reassertion is frequently little more than a reinsertion.
This feature is invaluable when testing MCP devices since tester resources can be moved from one die to the next -- when devices are tested serially -- without requiring manual reinsertion of the device under test (DUT).
Contract notice: professional reinsertion service in the context of the repair and re-use of incoming waste products and the collection of bulky waste at home
Fiance par l'Union europeenne, dans la cadre du projet Lemma, il prevoit de doter les beneficiaires d'une subvention pour leurs projets de reinsertion economique et de leur apporter un accompagnement pendant un an.