Edward C. Jr., U.S. endocrinologist, 1908-1975. See: Reifenstein syndrome.
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A single amino acid exchange abolishes dimerization of the androgen receptor and causes Reifenstein syndrome.
Reifenstein's Syndrome in Antiquity?" Janus 66, 1-13.
Partial androgen insensitivity: the Reifenstein syndrome revisited.
When asked about Mercier's impact on WiDS and the defence industry in Canada, current president Vera Reifenstein, calls Mercier "an inspiration to the WiDS membership" whose "success and approach to [the defence] industry has broken ground for all women working hard to be successful in this male-dominated field."
In the early 1940s, Albright and Reifenstein were among the first to refer to the antiosteoporotic and anabolic properties of androgens.
Our own precedent establishes that the delayed unconditional making of a settlement offer of the full policy limits does not automatically relieve the carrier of liability (see Reifenstein v Allstate Ins.
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Cuadro 1 Causas de hipogonadismo Hipogonadismo primario Etiologia genetica * Sindrome de Klinefelter * Sindrome de Reifenstein * Sindrome de Ullrich-Noonan * Sindrome de Celulas de Sertoli * Deficiencia de 5- alfa reductasa * Feminizacion testicular Lesiones destructivas * Trauma * Radiacion * Quimioterapia * Infecciones Enfermedad sistemica * Cirrosis hepatica * Insuficiencia renal cronica * Distrofia miotonica Otras * Falla testicular autoinmune * Anorquia Hipogonadismo secundario Tumores de hipofisis * Adenoma * Craneofaringioma Sindrome de Kallmann Lesiones infiltrativas * Sarcoidosis * Tuberculosis * Hemocromatosis Radioterapia Es util separar el hipogonadismo primario (falla testicular), del hipogonadismo secundario (problemas del eje hipotalamo-hipofisis).
Reifenstein, Harvard, Massachusetts; and Brenda Brody, Guilford, Connecticut.
You have to keep moving or you'll fall down." This quote, pasted in the desk of Susan Hickey, is one that's helped her and co-managing partner Debbie Reifenstein peddle books in Alaska's capital city for 25 years.
Ingo Reifenstein examines the concepts 'Oberdeutsch' and 'Hochdeutsch' in Bavarian in the eighteenth century, seeing the establishing of High German in southern Germany and Austria as effectively a 'code switch', although characteristic regional UG spellings (p- for b-; ai for ei; ue for u) had already been progressively dying out.