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Tadeus, 20th-century Polish-born Swiss chemist. See: Reichstein compound, Reichstein substance.
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(2016), Gopalakrishnan (2001), Piening and Salge (2014), Reichstein and Salter (2006) and Ettlie and Reza (1992) when they affirm that products and processes have related lifecycles and that it is not enough to innovate products.
Ebersberger, Bernd, Orietta Marsili, and Toke Reichstein. 2010.
Wage as employee is measured in logarithmic form to control for the opportunity costs of employment (Ozcan & Reichstein, 2009).
(9), (10) Chemical investigations of adrenal steroids and their syntheses began around 1935 through the work of Wintersteiner and Pfiffner, (11) Reichstein's group (12) and Kendall's group.
To further explain, larvae require cardenolides from said plants in order to survive and grow, a phenomenon discovered by Swiss Nobel laureate Tadeus Reichstein. Stephen B.
These droughts reduce photosynthetic efficiency (Goulden, Munger, Fan, Daube, & Wofsy, 1996; Reichstein et al., 2002) and have an adverse effect on growth (Suarez, Ghermandi, & Kitzberger, 2004).
Tempestive furono le ricerche relative alla struttura e agli effetti biologici dell'ormone adrenocorticotropic (ACTH), ambito per il quale nel 1950 fu assegnato il Nobel a Edward Calvin Kendall, a Philip Showalter Hench e a Tadeus Reichstein (non senza frustrazione per le attese e i meriti della Farnsworth).
In a study led by Markus Reichstein, director of the Max Planck Institute, researchers found ecosystems absorb 11 billion tonnes less CO2 every year because of extreme weather events - equivalent to a third of the total global CO2 emissions each year.
Special thanks to Trish Clark for administrative support and to Hannah Reichstein and Pei Qi Ho for assisting with data collection.
We similarly measured Process Innovativeness (PROC) with an interval variable obtained by combining three dichotomous items that referred to the degree of process innovation associated with the NPD project, as in Reichstein and Salter (2006).