Reichert-Meissl number

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Rei·chert-Meis·sl num·ber

an index of the volatile acid content of a fat; the number of milliliters of 0.1 n KOH required to neutralize the soluble volatile fatty acids in 5 g of fat that has been saponified, acidified to liberate the fatty acids, and then steam-distilled.
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Karl Bogislaus, German anatomist, 1811-1884.
Reichert camera
Reichert canal
Reichert cartilage - embryonic cartilage.
Reichert cochlear recess - Synonym(s): cochlear recess
Reichert radius gauge
Reichert scar
Reichert slit lamp
Reichert substance - one of several steroids.
Reichert tonometer
Reichert-Meissl number - an index of the volatile acid content of a fat.
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