Regulated Medical Waste

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Any waste—e.g., controlled stocks of microorganisms and biologicals, blood & blood products, tissue & other anatomic wastes, sharps, animal carcasses, body parts, bedding and related wastes—generated in the diagnosis, treatment—e.g., provision of medical services—or immunisation of humans or animals, in research pertaining thereto, or in production or testing of biologicals
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As with regulated medical waste, chemical waste (referred to as hazardous waste) must also be tracked from generation to final disposal.
Inova Fairfax Hospital: Regulated Medical Waste Reduction and Minimization
Many areas, including New Jersey, demand that regulated medical waste be rendered not only noninfectious but also unrecognizable as medical waste before disposal; in other words, it must be destroyed.
The service contract includes all generated pathological, chemotherapeutic, and regulated medical waste at the NIH research campus located in Bethesda, Maryland.
Paragon expects the final air quality permit from the State to be issued in the next 60 days and then commence full commercial operations for regulated medical waste (RMW) destruction.
Medsharps is a Service Connected Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), and will conduct regulated medical waste removal, sharps container treatment and recycling, and final disposal services for the 15 VA facilities in both systems through October 2011.
MedClean's flagship MedClean Series systems are fully integrated, turnkey technology solutions that enable healthcare providers and medical waste haulers to safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively convert bio-hazardous regulated medical waste into sterile, unrecognizable material suitable for disposal as municipal solid waste.
In this report, the reference to medical waste is limited to regulated medical waste (RMW).
Daniels has more than 14 plants across North America and not only provides leading sharps solutions, however, also provides regulated medical waste treatment services and total waste solutions to the healthcare market.
2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Curtis Bay Energy, a leading regulated medical waste (RMW) disposal company serving a growing number of leading hospitals and health care providers across the East Coast Region, announced the appointment of Charlie Leonard as President/COO, and Chris Scherer as Chief Financial Officer.
MedSharps, a division of Marshall Shredding Company, is a fully licensed and insured processor of regulated medical waste.
This is a landmark program for the Regulated Medical Waste industry, specifically to the small quantity waste generator (SQG), which typically pays significantly higher prices for hauling services due to the fact that only one entity existed in the market place that had the bandwidth to serve the market," commented David Laky, President and CEO, MedClean Technologies, Inc.
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