region of interest

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re·gion of in·ter·est

in computed tomography or other computerized imaging, an interactively selected portion of the image, the individual or average pixel values of which can be displayed numerically.

region of interest

An MRI term for the region of anatomy being scanned.

re·gion of in·ter·est

(rē'jŭn in'trĕst)
In computed tomography or other computerized imaging, an interactively selected portion of the image allowing individual or average pixel values to be displayed numerically.

Patient discussion about region of interest

Q. Any idea on how to meet people who suffer from alcoolism in my region?

A. if you look for an AA meeting near your home- that should not be a problem- just "google" it. or ask your doctor to reffer you to the nearest clinic.
take care! and good for you on that big step!

Q. Is there any problem, if an arachnoid cyst ,2cmx1.5cm size, rostral to cerebellar region left untreated? symptoms: repeated headaches, twitching of muscles, tiredness

A. An arachnoid cyst that leads to symptoms usually needs treatment. Mild symptoms as you suggested are ok to left untreated however gradual onset of new symptoms may arise such as seizures, paralysis and other complications, therefore once symptoms occur one should consider treatment.

Q. experiencing sharp pain in my right kidney region... pain is acute and doesnt radiate... recently PE left lung have been taking warfrin, panadiene forte, two kinds of cholesterol/triglycerine reducing meds and champix quit smoking medication... recently tests showed the hight cholesterol and triglys' levels and also a swollen liver... pain is not in my liver area... past pain in this kidney recurrent but never as bad. always dull.. many years ago had a uti, which caused high protiene levels.. very bad at finishing anti-biotics... recently had tonsilitis.. This hurts and is tender to touch but does not bring on sharp pain when touched, sharp pain comes and goes after taking pain relief

A. Go to see a doctor - although its tempting to make the diagnosis over the net (I have several ideas about what it might be), it sounds like serious, especially if you had a PE lately - it could be a thrombus in the vein of the kidney, or maybe a stone (sounds like that according to the description of the pain). However, as I said, making the diagnosis without even seeing you isn't the wisest thing to do.

Take care,

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Since, it removes only duplicate nodes but it suffers from more overlapping of sensors and the coverage of region of interest is not 100%.
Caption: Figure 20: Extracted region of interest from texture coded with RoI using (a) the full-resolution DoI-Mask and (b) 8x8 block resolution DoI-Mask.
In the equations, n and m indicate the size of the input image I, but considering only the pixels that belong to the region of interest; i and j represent the position (row, column) of the current pixel in the image; R, G, and B indicate the channel value in RGB colour space; H, S, and V represent the channel value in HSV colour space; L, a, and b represent the channel value in [L.sup.*][a.sup.*][b.sup.*] colour space; E is the edge image; VE is the set of vessel edges within the region of interest, whereas [bar.VE] are the nonvessel pixels.
Meanwhile, depth of field spreads out the region of interest and makes it considerably sharper to clearly view and locate any possible flaws.
Finally we found some methods to resolve these problems and proposed the region of interest detection model based on visual attention and threshold segmentation (VA-TS) in high spatial resolution remote sensing image.
Region of Interest Compression using hybrid CNLSPECK and VQ (ROI-CNLSPECKVQ)
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The computer can make a pass/fail decision based on either the average light level of all pixels within a region of interest, or the single brightest pixel or single darkest pixel.
JEOL and Nikon have integrated optical microscopy and field emission scanning electron microscopy in a way that enables seamless observation of the same region of interest on a sample with fast, accurate navigation.
The analysis tools such as measurements, DSA, region of interest (ROI) processing and marking, annotations, image processing, pan, zoom, and window leveling to name a few give you the ability to take full control of the image and video, allowing you to become more than just a spectator.
Set up a region of interest (ROI) for the area (figure 5) to inspect in the left body ply (sidewall area).

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