Claude, French radiologist, 1870-1940. See: Regaud fixative, residual body of Regaud.
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Nicolas Regaud, France's Special Representative to the Indo-Pacific of the Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy, also mentioned the environmental perspective as well the importance of nations sharing humanitarian efforts and information.
Sections were then stained to identify nuclei with Regaud or Weigert hematoxylin for 5-10 min.
It was first described as a separate entity by Regaud and Schmincke in 1921.
(47,48) In the differentiated or Regaud pattern, the neoplastic cells form cohesive nests and cords sharply distinct from the surrounding inflammation (Figure 3, A), which is usually readily identified as a carcinoma.
The original method of Masson (1928) was initially thought for carcinoids analysis, integrating four dyes (Regaud's hematoxylin, acid fuchsin with Ponceau de xylidine and aniline blue) which have been repeatedly combined on later modifications.
Thus, Institut du Radium was built in Paris (1912-1914), where it housed both research and clinical groups (the latter led by Claudius Regaud).
Interior Minister Mutahar al Masri met on Saturday with Mr Nicolas Regaud, deputy director in charge of strategic affairs at the French Ministry of Defence.
The term lymphoepithelioma was coined in 1921 by Regaud and Reverchon[1] and Schminke[2] to describe a tumor occurring in the nasopharynx.