cognitive restructuring

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altering the structure of something.
cognitive restructuring in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as challenging a patient to alter distorted thought patterns and view self and the world more realistically.
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Cognitive restructuring

The process of replacing maladaptive thought patterns with constructive thoughts and beliefs.
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Last week, I celebrated five years in business, and for the last five years I have been supporting people, and their organisations to grow strong, by reframing their thinking and supporting the creation of positive workplace habits and behaviours.
Based on our findings, we outlined five key steps, Competence Reframing Practices (C-REF), that innovators can use to help their managers see the true value and potential of their ideas.
Hierarchical regression showed that self-distraction (p<0.05)), active coping (p<0.0001), use of emotional support (p<0.05), use of instrumental support (p<0.001) positive reframing (p<0.0001), planning (p0.05), acceptance (p<0.001) and religion (p<0.0001) were negative predictors of suicidal ideation whereas denial (p<0.0001), substance use (p0.05) and self-blame (p<0.0001) were positive predictors of suicidal ideation.
Reframing Global Social Policy: Social Investment for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth
Furthermore, it discusses Spanish colonial town planning based on the grid pattern, still evident in a number of towns and cities in the country; examines the introduction by Spain painting and sculpture, classical forms later indigenized by the Filipinos in sacred art and buildings; cites the introduction of music and the performing arts, in which Filipinos now excel in; explores the 'reframing' of the native languages by 'Latinization'; and tackles the reinvention of the colonial dress into the baro't tapis and salawal.
But the reframing of the problem proposed by Klaus S.
In When Changing Nothing Changes Everything: The Power of Reframing Your Life, Laurie Polich Short argues that fulfillment is achievable regardless of present circumstances.
Casey Foundation, the Assembly launched the National Reframing Human Services Initiative to help answer that question.
Think about it: Reframing failure into the valuable learning experience that it is changes everything.