Refereed Journal

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A professional journal that only publishes articles subjected to a rigourous process which may require validation of findings in addition to peer review
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Integration of Theory, Research, and Practice in Refereed Journal Articles in 2013
For example, full professors are 38 percent more productive in producing refereed journal articles than associate and assistant professors.
Hill has authored or coauthored more than 100 refereed journal and proceeding papers, a similar number of abstracts, and nearly 200 contributions to extension and outreach publications of various types.
That might, but probably doesn't, mean that this is an accredited refereed journal. I'm not sure if Cloud Cuckoo Land has quite the same meaning in German as it does in English.
"Here is a bona fide, refereed journal saying that a human embryo has been cloned and a cell line derived from it."
During his 10-year tenure with this refereed journal, Harry remained committed to the original vision and mandate of the publication: an interdisciplinary journal which addresses people in the built and natural environments, with a focus on integrated knowledge in the fields of environment, development and design.
THE SOUTHERN HISTORIAN, a refereed journal written and edited by graduate students, announces the creation of the Charles G.
Our research interests are eclectic, and we publish in many different forums, including a host of refereed journals. Refereed journal articles are by no means the only way to disseminate scholarship, and for some kinds of research they are not even the best way.
New refereed journal "committed to setting the standard for scholarship germane to gender issues in educational organizations at all levels, from public and private schools to universities and government." Submissions are invited on topics that "may include, but are not limited to, leadership and mentoring, the history of women's influence in education, policy and politics, communication, and legal and fiscal analyses related to women's leadership."
She is the author of five books related to information-seeking skills and the library research process and has published research results in multiple refereed journal articles, conference proceedings, and research reports.