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Dexfenfluramine, fenfluramin Obesity An agent used to manage obesity, withdrawn from the market after it was linked to heart valve abnormalities and other heart complications. See Fen-Phen, Obesity.
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Capture the Flag REDUX, which was fully funded via a highly-successful Kickstarter campaign (and was featured as a Kickstarter Staff Pick), includes two colored Orbs, eight Jail Markers, seven Territory Lights, 40 glow wrist bands, a guidebook and twelve action-packed game variations.
Serious financial planning needs to be part of the equation when making the decision to elect to receive a CSB and revert to REDUX for retirement, or turn down the bonus and stay with the High-3 retirement system.
"We can turn the screen into a high-quality loudspeaker, eliminating the need for an embedded speaker," Nedko Ivanov, CEO of Redux, told New Electronics back in 2016.
Redux was founded in 2013 and is focused on turning mobile screens into speakers using vibration.
Phillip Zarrilli, Artistic Director of The Llanarth Group, said "Richard III Redux is not a performance of Shakespeare's play.
Rogue Trooper Redux not only features shiny new graphics and special effects, but the controls have been overhauled and extra difficulty settings added.
Fred Crafts' Radio Redux has filled its ninth season with comedy performances for an audience hoping to escape the day-to-day.
The best part about Redux is the script written by Bret Jones.
It was probably based on a similarly filthy election which Trollope himself fought in the Yorkshire town of Beverley in 1868, six years before Phineas Redux was published.