Redundant Publication

An irresponsible practice which occurs when two or more papers (research communications) share the same hypothesis, data, discussion points, or conclusions, without full cross-reference
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3] A redundant publication is one which duplicates previous, simultaneous or future publications by the same author or group or, alternatively, could have been combined with the latter into one paper.
According to guidelines from the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME) this amounts to substantial self-plagiarism which is not allowed and requires either a retraction or redundant publication notification.
We collectively had 34 unverified duplicates, according to Deja vu, none of which represented plagiarism, cosubmission, or redundant publication (one case-control study was published in 2 languages, with the proper referencing).
However, the Revista Medica de Chile in its Editorial treated it as a redundant publication (Reyes, 2007), appreciation that I have never shared, as I consider it to be incorrect.
Redundant publication is potentially dangerous when meta-analyses combine many versions of what is actually the same study (p 121).
Editorial comments: ethics, duplicated and redundant publication in medicine
Duplicate submission or redundant publication of a similar data set is considered unethical.
Talking about research misconduct he mentioned plagiarism, failure to obtain ethical approval, failure to admit missing data, plagiarism, willful distortion of data, fabrication of data or cases, eliminating data on side effects, Gifts and Ghost authorship, redundant publication besides failure to do adequate research.
In duplicate publications the same data is published with identical text after making minor changes in authors order or title and abstract while redundant publication is anything which overlaps substantially with another publication.
8] There has not been an evaluation of the extent of redundant publication in the urological literature to date.