oxidation-reduction potential

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ox·i·da·tion-re·duc·tion po·ten·tial (E0+),

the potential in volts of an inert metallic electrode measured in a system of an arbitrarily chosen ratio of [oxidant] to [reductant] and referred to the normal hydrogen electrode at absolute temperature; it is calculated from the following equation; where R is the gas constant expressed in electrical units, T the absolute temperature (Kelvin), n the number of electrons transferred, F the faraday, and E0 the normal symbol for the potential of the system at pH 0; for biologic systems, E0' is often used (in which pH = 7). Compare: Nernst equation.
Synonym(s): redox potential

oxidation-reduction potential

measure of the capacity of an element or compound, usually contained in half-cells consisting of electron donor and its conjugate electron acceptor, to donate electrons in aqueous medium. Often called redox potential and given the symbol EO or E′O for pH 7.0. Electrons flow from the half-cell of lower to that of higher redox potential.
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Generally, the overall compression height reduction potential is bound to the geometrical conditions of the overall PCU design.
The SAM-1 probe by Sensorex plugs into the headphone jack of an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet and connects to Sensorex analytical sensors to measure and record pH, temperature, oxygen reduction potential and conductivity.
The energy appraisal determines the energy saving and CO2 emission reduction potential of a site in just half a day.
METTLER TOLEDO's SevenExcellence is a benchtop meter for precise measurements of pH, conductivity, ion concentration or oxidation reduction potential (ORP).
In recent comments filed with the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the organizations say the proposed rule establishing greenhouse gas emissions and CAFE standards for 2017 and later model-year, light-duty vehicles "does not sufficiently incentivize the production of flex-fuel vehicles," and "does not adequately value the greenhouse gas reduction potential of biofuels.
But black carbon's short, concentrated lifespan offers major global warming reduction potential.
According to the Secretariat of the Covenant of Mayors, the combined CO2 emission reduction potential of the current signatories is 144 million tonnes per year.
That commitment includes the installation of 190,000 square meters of solar water heaters by 2014 and 1,050,000 square meters by 2020, with an estimated reduction potential of over 3 million tons of CO2.
A major factor for Green Tile was to use recycled, sustainable materials with weight reduction potential.
We then precipitated nickel in the alumina pores by applying appropriate reduction potential to the nickel solution.
Considering the technical factors the Russian indices still have reduction potential of 4-7% from the current levels.

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