reduced calorie

re·duced cal·o·rie

(rĕ-dūst' kal'ŏr-ē)
A product so labeled contains, by F.D.A. order, at least 25% fewer calories than found in a comparison food.
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Tech startup Plasma Nutrition launched their newest ingredient powered by Ingredient Optimized[TM] technology: IoProtein[TM] - Reduced Calorie, the world's first whey protein with 26% fewer calories than standard WPI.
75/Case; Crackers, Lance Nip Chee Cheddar Cheese Sandwich, 120/6 Count/Case; Dressing, Italian, Not Creamy, Must Be Gold Italian, 4/1 Gallon/Case; Meat, Strained Ham Pureed, 12/#303 Cans/Case, Approximaly 15 Ounces Per Can; Pudding Mix, Butterscotch, No Sugar, Reduced Calorie, 6/9.
In Study 3, patients were randomized to treatment after losing [greater than or equal to]5% of their body weight through reduced calorie intake and exercise; those who did not meet the required weight loss were excluded from the study.
As a result, it can carry the EU-approved reduced calorie claim," says Blanche Olry, research and development manager at Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate.
There are plenty of reduced calorie diets around designed to provide fewer calories per serving without actually reducing the amount of feed, so the dog still feels full.
Starting the day with a high-quality protein breakfast like eggs was found to be a great tool to promote long-lasting fullness and reduced calorie consumption.
Previous studies of children also showed that cutting TV viewing time reduced calorie consumption.
Researchers recruited 72 healthy subjects who were randomly assigned to receive a reduced calorie orange juice beverage with plant sterols (1 gram/240 mL) or without plant sterols twice a day with meals for eight weeks.
Research by a leading cardiologist shows that people who ate 2 servings of Post Healthy Classics cereals each day, as part of a reduced calorie diet, LOST 10 LBS and reduced their risk factors for heart disease .
launches Splenda Brown Sugar Blend, a first-of-its-kind reduced calorie brown sugar product.
Crash-dieting usually relies on a limited range of foods, resulting in a reduced calorie and fat intake, together with eating less.
People who consumed a high calcium, reduced calorie diet with three servings of non-fat yogurt (Yoplait Light[R]) each day lost more weight and eat compared to those on a reduced calorie, low calcium diet.