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the chemical reaction whereby electrons are removed (oxidation) from atoms of the substance being oxidized and transferred to those being reduced (reduction).


Contraction of oxidation-reduction. See: oxidation-reduction potential.


/re·dox/ (re´doks) oxidation-reduction.


an abbreviation for reduction-oxidation (reaction). See oxidation-reduction reaction.


Contraction of reduction-oxidation.


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All the advantages of a catalyzed redox system are added to those obtained using high frequency ultrasound (6-8), short periods of synthesis (15-120 min), temperatures below 30[degrees]C, and high purity of the product formed.
The composition of the redox system was: sodium metasulfite (N[a.
Since 2,4-P, which strongly complexes the metal ions, functions as a retarder for the redox system of CHP and CoNap, it only reduces the activity of the cobalt ions to interact with CHP for free radical generation.
The present BPO/DMA redox system for the free radical copolymerization in the RIM process seems to be rather awkward, i.
1] and (2) electron transfer from atoms or ions containing unpaired electrons followed by bond dissociation in the acceptor molecule--so-called reduction-oxidation or redox systems.
In presence of acetate buffer, the redox systems show almost similar behaviour.
This text for students with a background in the life sciences or related fields serves as an introduction to biomolecular EPR spectroscopy, its basic principles, theory, and applications, including low-spin and high-spin metalloproteins, spin traps and labels, interaction between active sites, and redox systems.