oxidation-reduction electrode

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ox·i·da·tion-re·duc·tion e·lec·trode

an electrode capable of measuring oxidation-reduction potential. See: quinhydrone electrode.
Synonym(s): redox electrode
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Tenders are invited for Redox Electrode Type Pt488-Pbv
We have now added to our range, custom built pH adjustment skids comprising of mixing tank or tanks usually manufactured in Polypropylene fitted with mixer bridges to hold our own designed and manufactured mixers which maybe either a high speed mixer or a geared mixer with either a stainless steel or stainless steel plastic coated shafts and propeller A suitable pH sensor maybe selected form our wide range pH and redox electrode.
The Eh was determined in soil using (1) a millivolt meter (Cole-Parmer, Chicago, IL); (2) platinum redox electrodes made from platinum wire (0.