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the chemical reaction whereby electrons are removed (oxidation) from atoms of the substance being oxidized and transferred to those being reduced (reduction).


Contraction of oxidation-reduction. See: oxidation-reduction potential.


/re·dox/ (re´doks) oxidation-reduction.


an abbreviation for reduction-oxidation (reaction). See oxidation-reduction reaction.


Contraction of reduction-oxidation.


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An important observation has been that organic components present in the organic carbon fraction generate ROS through their ability to undergo redox cycling.
Our studies demonstrate that the increased biological potency of UFPs is related to the content of redox cycling organic chemicals and their ability to damage mitochondria.
Averaging of the data revealed that the redox cycling capacity of UFPs was 21.
The extent of mitochondrial damage is in accordance with the redox cycling potential of the particles, as well as the HO-1 and glutathione results.
Although PAHs are capable of inducing ROS production in macrophages, it is also possible that these compounds may be a surrogate for other redox cycling chemicals in the DTT assay.