Emil, Austrian neurologist, 1866-1930. See: Obersteiner-Redlich line, Obersteiner-Redlich zone.
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Acker and Redlich examine legal cases in which factually innocent people are convicted of crimes for other reasons than procedural error alone.
Redlich, MD, MPH, director of the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program at Yale University, led the group effort.
The excess properties YE (excess volume,deviation viscosity, activiation free Gibbes energy) are fitted by the method of nonlinear least squares to a Redlich kister type polynomial [23]:
* With a $45,000 grant from the Redlich Horwitz Foundation, Rising Ground has brought in experts to identify best practices in both the Rising Ground and Edwin Gould foster care programs, and to develop a plan to create a combined program that is more effective than either one alone.
Courts "examine the reasonableness of the contingent agreement both at the inception and as a matter of hindsight." 20 Atlantic Avenue Corp., 2009 WL 10692728 at *2.<br />A contingent fee agreement resulting in an "exceptional fee may withstand the reasonableness test if the risk of non-recovery at the outset of the contract is sufficiently high." Redlich v.
Prior to that Scott was a partner at the well regarded Australian firm Holding Redlich, said the company in a statement.
Prior to that, he was a partner at Australian firm Holding Redlich.
Redlich, "Unified description of freeze-out parameters in relativistic heavy ion collisions," Physical Review Letters, vol.
The development of MHCs reinforced this trend toward specific treatment for individuals with disabilities, as illustrated by Redlich, Steadman, Monahan, Robbins, and Petrila (2006).
After a locksmith opened the suitcase, researchers at the museum traced it back to the Redlich family, a household of two parents and their two sons, Peter and Gunther, who fled Hamburg in 1938 for Amsterdam.