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cal·ci·um car·bon·ate

an astringent, an antacid, and a calcium dietary supplement.
See also: calcite.
Synonym(s): chalk, creta
A regional term for any abuse substance consumed as a white powder, e.g., methamphetamine, amphetamine, cocaine

cal·ci·um car·bon·ate

(kalsē-ŭm kahrbŏ-nāt)
Astringent, antacid, and dietary supplement.
See also: calcite
Synonym(s): chalk.


n an abrasive agent made from compact calcite.
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It is impossible not to be moved by the Sybil, in red chalk, who twists about her axis as she leans on one heavy arm and gazes, with an accepting sadness, over her shoulder, while her other hand hangs in resignation between her knees.
Raphael - and so many other artists that it is difficult to name them all - often worked in iron-gall ink and red chalk.
Rendered delicately with a grainy red chalk, Head of Margaret Lindsay has the uncanny quality of having been gathered, as it were, from out of the air.
2 -- 3 -- color) Raphael's ``Poetry (1509-10), above, and ``The Three Graces'' (1517-18), right, features muscular sketches of the artist's models in black and red chalk.
Wilfred de Glehn's pair of finely modelled females drawn in red chalk should attract a collector whose personal ideologies and expectations may lead him to value such beauty.
Then, at a dealer's dinner in 1995, he saw Baccio Bandinelli's beguiling red chalk Head of a Woman Wearing a Ghirlanda.
Red chalk is considered "permanent" and is often used by roofers, tile layers and carpenters for marking lines they want saved for several days.
Antonacci Lapiccirella, for instance, presented a rediscovered red chalk preparatory drawing, squared for transfer, for Santi di Tito's 1574 Supper at Emmaus altarpiece in Santa Croce, Florence.
YET another reverse for followers of the red chalk when Paul Cole's 4-5 fav Danski (S Cauthen) is turned over in the Granville Maiden by Peter Walwyn's Plaid (P Eddery) 11-2
With their astonishing tonal and colouristic range, his red chalk drawings also hint at the sublime and subtle gifts as a colourist that dazzle in his paintings (Fig.
NOT so good for followers of the red chalk in the Doncaster Mile when Chris Wall's 6-4 fav Missed Flight (G Duffield) is sadly grounded by John Gosden's appropriately-named 12-1 chance Airport (J Carroll).
The Duke of Wellington's nieces are the Three Graces of their day, and in this large sheet, executed in pencil with black and red chalk and pink wash, the artist seems intent on both reinterpreting Michelangelo and outdoing his French rival Ingres (Lowell Libson; $550,000).