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cal·ci·um car·bon·ate

an astringent, an antacid, and a calcium dietary supplement.
See also: calcite.
Synonym(s): chalk, creta
A regional term for any abuse substance consumed as a white powder, e.g., methamphetamine, amphetamine, cocaine

cal·ci·um car·bon·ate

(kalsē-ŭm kahrbŏ-nāt)
Astringent, antacid, and dietary supplement.
See also: calcite
Synonym(s): chalk.


n an abrasive agent made from compact calcite.
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Red chalk proved to be the ideal medium for conveying Leda's delicate features and allure.
Leonardo himself left scant evidence of his own opinions and ideas and only one definitive self-portrait in red chalk, a venerable face carved by time, framed by flowing hair and beard.
Among the other paintings on offer is an original red chalk and crayon sketch of the model Susanna by Sir William Russell Flint, RA (1880-1969), who was made a world famous artist by the printers who produced the limited edition prints of his 'graceful girls'.
He copied the Belvedere Torso, turning his stone model into meaty flesh with his red chalk and gleaming white highlights, and he drew a celebrated antique cameo, intended to be engraved as an illustration for a book on Roman gems.
1762), a chalk-manner engraving of a group of nudes by Gilles Demarteau the Elder, fashioned after a delectable red chalk drawing by Boucher; "La Noce de Village (The Village Wedding)," "La Foire de Village (The Village Fair)," "La Rixe (The Brawl)," and "Le Tambourin (The Drummer)" (1785-c.
One, Bobber And Kids, is in charcoal and red chalk from 1854 and shows them playing a game.
She traced the outline of a tulip into the snow on the lawn, then filled it in by scraping red chalk dust onto it.
Even more apposite is Rosalie, charming daughter of Jean-Honore Fragonard and "pensive" model for the drawing in red chalk of Seated Young Woman, n.
On the greenish-black wall someone has scrawled in red chalk, "SILENCIO
Bromberg created such elegant touchstones for Henry as having him outline his form in red chalk, then smearing it; outlining his body in sand and dispersing the grains; and molding a hunk of clay into a human shape.
The 27 extant red chalk on tan prepared paper drawings by Caron (c.
WASHINGTON, June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- One of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpieces, drawn in red chalk on paper during the early 1500s and widely believed to be a self-portrait, is in extremely poor condition.