Red Neck

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Social medicine A deprecating term for a broad swath of less-educated lower class white Americans who live in the rural United States, especially in the southeastern part of the country, which comprised the former Confederacy of the 13 states involved in the US Civil War (1861–1865)
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Vaughan took the member's race on Carmen Goldsworthy's Red Neck, who was
Grand Ekinoks, who is now unbeaten in six races this year, scored by two lengths and three and a half lengths from Red Neck (by Cartekitt) and Cannon (by Pennine Walk) in a field of 21.
Carrying 300 pounds on a 6-foot-3 frame, with coveralls, a rolled-up, beat-up, sweated-up work shirt, chapped hide and a red neck, the 43-year-old bass angler is an imposing sight.
Maker's Mark is unique in many ways, starting first and foremost with our recipe and ending with our iconic red neck coating.
8DA Chas Farrell followed WHEN Scotland votes No, the new strip should have a yellow stripe down the back and a red neck.
Police arrived shortly afterwards and Edwards admitted kidnapping his victim, who suffered a red neck and bruises to her body.
The other tracks are Crazy About The Guy I Left Behind, Red Neck Woman, and the old standard, A Mother's Love Is A Blessing.
Bravest Horse Award: Carmen Goldsworthy's Red Neck winner of the Tredegar Farmers members' race for a third time.
Vaughan took the member's race on Carmen Goldsworthy's Red Neck, who was winning for the third time this year, and later the mixed open race on Cyril Campbell's Power'N'Glory who, like Red Neck, is trained by Bridgend's John Moore.
On the first day of school I wear a white colored longseeves with a blue and red neck tie.
The Grand Nationals also gets extra mileage with the live Rock-N-Blues performers featured over the course of the festival, starting with the Power Blues sound of the Sonny Moorman Group entertaining the crowd all four days and a Blues Spotlight showcasing a myriad of homegrown talent such as Millenia, Feel, Big in Iowa, Haywire Dog, and Red Neck & The Wife Beaters to name a few.
I've given myself a red neck but, hey, life's too serious anyway.