Red Devil

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A regional term for a neuropharmacologic depressant or PCP
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We strive to build a reputation that is synonymous with quality," said Karin Gessner, president and CEO of Red Devil Equipment.
The Red Devils - the elite members of the Parachute Regiment - will instruct him on the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course.
Britvic hopes Red Devil will become a worthy contender to market leader Red Bull by initially claiming second spot in the crowded energy drinks sector.
The CPSC said there were 44 reports of problems with an earlier model of the Red Devil grill.
On 3 June 1948 the Red Devils were reactivated as Marine Fighting Squadron 232.
Red Devil is a $50 million producer of sealants, caulks and hand tools for handymen and remodelers.
For more information about Red Devil visit their Web site at http://www.
The Red Devils centre-back is fiercely patriotic and he said playing for England has been one of the highlights of his career, but the centre-back insists it is an inescapable fact that the Premier League leaders are bigger than the national team, the Sun reports.
The giant Red Devil Robert dwarfed his only challenger Strong Magic over the last three fences in the Steve Hammond Handicap Chase and it was a case of class prevailing as the even-money favourite came home clear.
Realizing that choosing the right caulk or repair product can be confusing, Red Devil has taken the guesswork out of the selection process.
Or will the Red Devils achieve an unexpected victory to keep the title floating until the end of the season?
And the United boss - whose club are nicknamed the Red Devils - said he was delighted to be aiming for the same goals as Blair.