Red Devil

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A regional term for a neuropharmacologic depressant or PCP
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The Red Devils - the elite members of the Parachute Regiment - will instruct him on the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course.
Red Devil appears to have the easier run-in whereas Mancini's mount faces a crucial jump at Newcastle.
The Red Devils would have lost to Arab Contractors at home in a Premier League game hadn't it been for a late strike by schemer Ahmed Shukri.
After the news broke, Curtis, who starred as Cathy Munsch on both seasons of the show, took to Twitter to share a goodbye with fans of the series, but had some more fun with her post by revealing the identity of the show's eponymous Red Devil character, who was the main villain from season one and made a surprise appearance in the final moments of the season two finale.
THE daring Red Devils parachute team will attempt a spectacular free-fall first at the Llangollen Balloon Festival next week.
Red Devil Equipment was approached by the program in late summer because it heard of Red Devil Equipment's durable and reliable products.
The design of the Red Devil grills allows users to light the grill at an air intake tube, instead of at the burner.
Jerome took to the skies in a VE-7 single-seat biplane with the Marine Fighting Plane Squadron 3 Red Devil insignia on the aft fuselage.
John Coff's goal when he joined Red Devil in 1988 was to reduce the MIS budget from 2.