Red Bone

A microscopic descriptor for dense, avascular bone seen by light microscopy in advanced otosclerosis, which is markedly eosinophilic—red—by the H&E staining
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Because of an already existing reduction in red bone marrow constituents, the elderly have a hematopoietic system with inadequate compensatory ability and poor capability for correction of hemorrhagic anemia, thus often requiring time for correction of anemia.
Underground, the following mines were bestowed plaques for their achievements: Red Bone Mining; Ten Mile Coal's No.
Flat bones, on the other hand, have less trabeculation and collagen content and as such are more sensitive to deformation and pain, as they are structured to contain red bone marrow.
Introducing of red bone marrow into area of pseudoarthrosis or nonunion leads to the formation of hematoma, rich with calcium, which accelerates regeneration of bone tissue in injury focus.
Born in Amesbury, Massachusetts in 1961, Shorter now lives in New Hampshire's beautiful North Country with her husband, Ron and two Red Bone Coonhounds.
Bony metastases depend on hematogenous spread, with most bony lesions found in structures with large red bone marrow content like the vertebrae, ribs and femur.
The premolar-molar region is the most common localization, due to a predominance of red bone marrow and the slowing-down of the circulation in this area [9].
Moore is also the founder and publisher of Red Bone Press, a press dedicated to celebrating the culture of Black lesbians and gay men and facilitating discussions between Black gays and lesbians and the mainstream.
Anyone who has seen a skull bone flap being turned or the sternum being divided at a median sternotomy will be well aware of the considerable bleeding that can occur in these procedures from the highly vascular red bone marrow inside these structures.
The small sizes of the bone and marrow cavities and the short ranges of the alpha particles complicate accurate dose estimates to the red bone marrow and bone endosteum.
Joe's nickname is Captain Red Bone, Reason: Weiner's Circle Chicago, Illinois.