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That which is given in exchange for something else; cost.
[L. expendo, to pay out]
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The fund, which comes as part of Tamkeen's efforts to support and develop the private sector, was launched in June last year to enable distressed companies to cover recurring expenses and continue their normal business activities.
The increase is attributed to the rise in operating income, decline in investment losses by 40.28 per cent and the decline in other non-recurring expenses by 32.66 per cent; non recurring expenses are mainly related to the financial settlement which was signed during 2010 between Paltel Group and the Palestinian National Authority.
603.680 million, in addition to the estimated recurring expenses of Rs.
ISLAMABAD, 21 March , 2009 (Frontier Star) -- The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has disbursed the funds provided by the Finance Division, Government of Pakistan for all the universities and institutions of higher learning to maintain their recurring expenses. For this purpose the amount of Rs 3.801million has been allocated for the universities and institutions of higher learning according to their share.
We achieved many of our personal retirement goals with this house: low maintenance, small house, reduced recurring expenses, etc.