rectus capitis posterior major muscle

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rec·tus cap·i·tis pos·te·ri·or ma·jor mus·cle

(rek'tŭs kap'i-tis pos-tē'rē-ŏr mā'jŏr mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, spinous process of axis; insertion, middle of inferior nuchal line of occipital bone; action, rotates and draws head backward; nerve supply, dorsal branch of first cervical (suboccipital).
Synonym(s): musculus capitis posterior major [TA] , greater posterior rectus muscle of head.
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Recent studies have described myodural communications bridging the epidural spaces between the rectus capitis posterior minor (RCPmi), rectus capitis posterior major (RCPma), and obliquus capitis inferior (OCI) suboccipital muscles and the dura mater of the cervical spine.
4-7) Myodural bridges extending from the anterior fascia of the rectus capitis posterior major (RCPma) and obliquus capitis inferior (OCI) muscles, attaching on the cervical dura mater was documented recently by Scali, and Pontell in 2011 and 2013 (figl).
4) Due to its larger cross sectional area, the rectus capitis posterior major myodural bridge may exert greater mechanical traction on the dura than the rectus capitis posterior minor.