Recreational Sex

Non-reproductive sexual activity between/among consenting (chronologically) adult individuals—e.g., married couples, monogamous lovers, multiples of any sex
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These uncommon days are also marked by the spread of a disease that afflicts those who indulge in recreational sex without love -- said to be among cinema's early references to the AIDS epidemic.
Western tourists and Viet Kieu filtered money to Vietnam through recreation including recreational sex. In 2006, Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization ushering the "rise of the Asian foreign direct investment" [FDI] with Asian business partners frequenting locations, such as Khong Sao Bar bar, to build strong social ties of trust between partners in a setting embodying an ideal, modern Vietnam.
I've heard otherwise rational people, when confronted with this issue, say something like, "Why should I pay for people to have recreational sex?" Maybe because just about everyone has recreational sex, and we all have a vested interest in ensuring that those activities don't result in hordes of unwanted children?!
In Brave New World, directed by James Dacre and original new music by the groundbreaking British band These New Puritans, the family unit, monogamy and the 'natural' process of giving birth are reviled as unnatural, and the World State seeks material comfort and physical pleasure - provided by the drug soma and recreational sex.
They are the result of contemporary mores which include, for many young people, 'recreational sex.' I'm not endorsing or condemning the practice, I'm just noting that it's there.
Jonathan Eig's gripping history recounts how two men and two women fought science and society for a pill to enable smaller families (and low-risk recreational sex).
When puberty hits, a different sort of friendship evolves, but in this culture with its emphasis on recreational sex blatantly promoted on television and in advertising, our children are reaching for puberty before they hit their teens.
As the title suggests, Rake is the story of a man obsessed with recreational sex. He's not an addict, nor does his promiscuity with numerous partners indicate a dark side to his identity.
Women have an aversion to the idea of justification-free, recreational sex. Women's unfavorable reactions can be alleviated if an ad depicts sex in a manner that is consistent with their underlying values.
"It's a subversive interpretation, but I'd suggest these men cheat because they do love their partners - they are simply too afraid to take the chance of losing them by expressing a desire for recreational sex with others," he said.
"It's a subversive interpretation but I'd suggest these men cheat because they do love their partners - they are simply too afraid to take the chance of losing them by expressing a desire for recreational sex with others."
Unfortunately, in How Shakespeare Changed Everything Stephen Marche and his publisher have contented themselves with a rather hasty Book of Awesome, Believe-It-or-Not Facts and Claims, ranging from the infliction of a plague of starlings on the United States (as part of a scheme to domesticate every bird in the Bard) to the prevalence of skulls in shopping malls, the popularity of the name Jessica, the election of Barack Obama and the spread of recreational sex. Many of his facts are merely compilations of the generally known, while some of his claims are exceedingly dubious--especially those about sex.

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