record linkage

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rec·ord link·age

a method of assembling the information contained in two or more sets of medical records, or a set of medical records and vital records such as birth or death certificates, and a procedure to ensure that each person's records are counted only once; facilitated by a unique numbering system such as the Hogben number to identify people with precision.
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Social security numbers (SSNs) were encrypted into a record linkage number (RLN).
Uncertainties, lapses in funding, contention for political support in the face of competing priorities, and lack of record linkage capacity have hampered the generation of timely outputs.
* Data are corrected for misclassification of AI/AN race through probabilistic record linkage with the Northwest Tribal Registry.
Specific topics include historical census record linkage, boundary-spanning in social movements: antecedents and outcomes, environmental inequality: the social causes and consequences of lead exposure, integrating biomarkers in social stratification and health research, and from Chicago to China and India: studying the city in the 21st century.
Evaluation of record linkage of two large administrative databases in a middle income country: stillbirths and notifications of dengue during pregnancy in Brazil.
The study data was linked to the death occurrence files by using a probabilistic record linkage program.
For a nationwide group of 168,394 Dutch children who received one or more CT scans between 1979 and 2012, researchers obtained cancer incidence and vital status by record linkage. They surveyed all Dutch hospital-based radiology departments to ascertain eligibility and participation.
The exceptions were (1) a 1989-2003 retrospective analysis of 5238 HIV-positive people at a single Baltimore clinic in which incidence tended to rise with calendar year, but not significantly (P = 0.09) (28) and (2) a 1980-2006 population-based record linkage that calculated cumulative incidence 5 years after AIDS diagnosis over three calendar periods, two of them before the dawn of triple therapy: 1980-1989, 1990-1995, and 1996-2006 (29) (Table 1).
Fragas in-depth social analysis rests upon nominative record linkage that cross reference a wide array of sources from census, baptismal, and hospital records to court proceedings and oral histories.
Record linkage (RL) refers to the task of finding records in a data set that refer to the same entity across different data sources (e.g., data files, books, websites, and databases).Record linkage is necessary when joining data sets based on entities that may or may not share a common identifier as may be the case due to differences in record shape, storage location, and/or curator style or preference.