recognition site

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recognition site

a location on a nucleic acid or protein to which a specific ligand binds.


1. the act of recognizing or state of being recognized.
2. in immunology, a term used to describe the functional changes occurring in immunologically competent cells on contact with antigen, involving antigen binding with a receptor on the cell surface. Called also antigen recognition.

recognition sequence
most recognition sequences used by restriction enzymes are palindromes, some enzymes have more than one recognition sequence and some have nonpalindrome recognition sequences and may cut several nucleotides away from the recognition sequence. See also palindrome.
recognition site
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The user is not required to interact with the software other than to initiate the recognition sequence.
Similarly, one can add a synthetic sequence to one of the PCR primers that is the same as the recognition sequence of a universal molecular beacon; the complementary sequence will form for molecular beacon annealing only when amplification occurs.
However, there are four additional HhaI recognition sites within the 244-bp fragment that is amplified by this method, and the fragment also harbors several sites that differ from the HhaI recognition sequence (GCG/C) by a single nucleotide (2).
However, at least in theory, the increased specificity comes at the expense of decreased sensitivity: A polymorphism at any nucleotide within the restriction recognition sequence may prevent cutting by the endonuclease.
This will give insight into reliability and predictability, in other words programmability, of the proposed synthetic recognition sequences to form molecular duplexes.