recognition site

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recognition site

a location on a nucleic acid or protein to which a specific ligand binds.


1. the act of recognizing or state of being recognized.
2. in immunology, a term used to describe the functional changes occurring in immunologically competent cells on contact with antigen, involving antigen binding with a receptor on the cell surface. Called also antigen recognition.

recognition sequence
most recognition sequences used by restriction enzymes are palindromes, some enzymes have more than one recognition sequence and some have nonpalindrome recognition sequences and may cut several nucleotides away from the recognition sequence. See also palindrome.
recognition site
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For application to the field of methylation, however, this restriction should not be an issue, because bisulfite treatment removes the cytosines from PspGI recognition sequences and prevents illegitimate digestion of target sequences.
Results suggest that certain hydrophobic residues adjacent to and within the cleavage recognition sequences can mediate substrate specificity.
A sodium iodide symporter is genetically fused to either the N-terminus or C-terminus of the product of a transgene through a linker peptide which bears the recognition sequence of a host cell protease.
The patent covers methods and compositions, which facilitate the isolation and specific targeting of any single stranded DNA sequence to be acted upon by any desired double stranded DNA genetic element or recognition sequence.
Only one of the two SNP alleles forms a full recognition sequence together with the 3' SNP restriction site and will be cleaved.
This method depends on the fact that the mutation of interest disrupts a recognition sequence for a restriction enzyme.