infundibular recess

(redirected from Recessus infundibuli)

in·fun·dib·u·lar re·cess

a funnel-shaped diverticulum leading from the anterior portion of the third ventricle down into the infundibulum of the hypophysis.

infundibular recess

A small projection of the third ventricle that extends into the infundibular stalk of the hypophysis.
See also: recess


pertaining to any of the body's infundibula. See also infundibulum.

infundibular cyst
see epidermal cyst.
infundibular necrosis
tooth necrosis, commencing in the tooth infundibulum, common in old horses.
infundibular process
the central part of the posterior pituitary gland; called also pars nervosa.
infundibular recess
the diverticulum off the third ventricle that occupies the infundibulum of the hypophysis.
infundibular stalk
the stalk of the hypophysis; with the pars tuberalis comprises the hypophyseal base.
infundibular stenosis
narrowing of the pulmonary artery just below the pulmonic valves; the stenosis is produced by a ring of connective tissue around the outflow tract of the right ventricle.