receiver operating characteristic

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re·ceiv·er op·er·at·ing char·ac·ter·is·tic (ROC),

a plot of the sensitivity of a diagnostic test as a function of nonspecificity (one minus the specificity). The ROC curve indicates the intrinsic properties of a test's diagnostic performance and can be used to compare the relative merits of competing procedures.
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(kar?ak-te-ris'tik) [Gr. charakteristikos, pert. to a stamp]
1. A trait or character typical of an organism or of an individual.
2. In logarithmic expressions, the number to the left of the decimal point, as distinguished from the mantissa, the number to the right of the decimal point.

acquired characteristic

A trait or quality that was not inherited but is the result of environmental influence.

anal characteristic

Anal personality.

dominant characteristic

See: dominant

primary sex characteristic

An inherited trait that influences the development of the reproductive organs.

receiver operating characteristic

Receiver operating curve.

recessive characteristic

Recessive gene.

secondary sex characteristic

A gender-related physical attribute that normally develops under the influence of sex hormones at puberty. Voice quality, facial hair, and body fat distribution are examples.

sex-conditioned characteristic

A genetic trait carried by both sexes but expressed or inhibited by the sex of the individual.

sex-limited characteristic

A trait present in only one sex even though the gene responsible is present in both sexes.

sex-linked characteristic

A trait controlled by genes on the sex chromosomes. The X and Y chromosomes determine sex but also carry genes unrelated to sex.
Synonym: sex-linked gene
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Abbreviations SD: Standard deviation CI: Confidence interval Pn: Parenteral nutrition DM: Diabetes mellitus COPD: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease KM: Kaplan-Meier M: Male F: Female [r.sup.s] Spearman's correlation coefficient ROC: Receiver-operator characteristic QOL: Quality of life Yrs: Years g: Grams dL: Decilitre MVT: Multivisceral.
This and other studies that have considered the nomogram approach have used the receiver-operator characteristic (ROC) curve.
In the accompanying Language of Evidence, "What is an ROC curve?" (page 695), Goutham Rao, the Predoctoral Director at the Department of Family Practice, University of Pittsburgh, demystifies the concept of receiver-operator characteristic (ROC) curves, which is discussed in the Applied Evidence article on anterior cruciate ligament rupture (page 689).
Figure 2 shows a receiver-operator characteristic curve generally used to measure the performance of a two-class discriminator.
Summary receiver-operator characteristic models were developed to analyze and explain heterogeneity for each diagnostic test and for comparing MRA with duplex ultrasound.