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Joseph C.A., French gynecologist, 1774-1852. See: Récamier operation.
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Daniel Harkett considers how Juliette Recamier's literary salon at L'Abbayeaux-Bois mediated between private and public spaces, serving as a platform for different political viewpoints and promoting her style and disseminating her image.
There were smaller gems too, such as the oval terracotta Portrait en medaillon de Madame Recamier of 1801, a bold relief signed by Joseph Chinard that came with an illustrious provenance; it was sold by Galerie Alexis Bordes of Paris to a Belgian collector for 48,000 [euro].
In 1854-55 the Feweses attended the sophisticated Berlin salon of Henriette Solmar, and then in Paris in 1867 that of Mary Mohl, itself in a line of descent reaching back to the famous French salons of Madame Recamier.
Joseph Recamier (17741852) first coined the term metastasis" in 1829.
He also has a magazine cover of Miley Cyrus with her back naked superimposed on the "Portrait of Madame Recamier" of JacquesLouis David, making it appear that the rest of the popular singer's body is covered.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Laboratorios Recamier Ltda., Beiersdorf AG, Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc., Energizer Holdings, Inc., Sun-Pro of California, Inc, Beauty Holding Company, Inc., Others
Plumes et pinceaux originated as a conference on "Historiennes et critiques d'art a l'epoque de Juliette Recamier," held in conjunction with an exhibition on Recamier in Lyons in 2009; Vanishing Acts is a collaborative effort between literary historian Guentner and art historians Heather Belnap Jensen and Veronique Chagnon-Burke, who each present essays on two or three critics active between the 1790s and the 1870s.
Magritte's l950 panning Madame .Recamier depicts a coffin placed on Madame Recamier's settee.
Es oportuno constatar como la firma Luxor, en el afan por dar mas notoriedad a los productos, resuelve una apuesta alegorica para uno de sus avisos tomando ciertas cualidades de una pintura de trascendencia internacional como Madame Recamier. Si bien las obras plantean diferencias implicitas, se hara foco en los aspectos semanticos.
After a portrait of Madame Recamier by Jacques-Louis David, 1800
Keletas terminu net zodyne yra uzfiksuoti originalo forma, pvz., Carlo Marrata, chinoiserie, liberty, savonerie ar gali buti siek tiek pakeisti grafiskai: rekamje (recamier).