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René A.F. de, French physicist, 1683-1757. See: Réaumur scale.
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5) Reaumur was French scientist, inventor of the thermometer divided into 80[degrees] [Prirucni knizka vysvetlujici vyznam cizich slov a poucujici o vedomostech obecnych, sestavil Fr.
de Reaumur "L'Art de Convertir le Fer Forge en Acier, et L'Art d'Adocir le Fer Fondu," ("The Art of Converting Wrought Iron to Steel, and the Art of Softening Cast Iron"), Michel Brunet, Paris (1722); see translation by A.
com Claude BREUIL Invest Securities, 126 rue de Reaumur, 75002 Paris GSM: +33-607877197 Email: cbreuil@invest-securities.
Red Hot Spots: The livelyFrog & Rosbif (116 Rue St Denis) in central Paris is used to rugby clientele and is a great eve of match hostelry - nearest Metro stations are Reaumur Se-bastopol or Etienne-Marcel.
Specifically, the market is - Firstly, the provision of containers appropriate to the nature and volume of the waste collection and treatment of non-household waste from the sixteen restaurants AGRAF (cartons, cans, plastic, crates wooden crates plastic, glass, Dib) for the purpose of recycling, disposal or recovery;- Secondly, the provision of containers, collection and treatment of biowaste produced by some of these same restaurants (ie restaurants Bank, Gauguin, London, Noisiel, Paganini, Reaumur, St Sulpice, Uzes) for recovery purposes only.
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: 103, rue Reaumur 75002 Paris