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René A.F. de, French physicist, 1683-1757. See: Réaumur scale.
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(4) Weber generally gives temperature measurements in both degrees Celsius and Reaumur, though he sometimes presents only one or the other.
Reaumur, "Eclaircissemens de quelques difficultes sur la formation et l'accroissement des coquilles," in Histoire de l'Academie Royale des Sciences Avec les Memoires de Mathematique et Physique, pp.
Produced texts on mathematical physics Reaumur Rene Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur (1683-1757), French scientist who invented the thermometer Richelieu Armand Sopie Septimanie Duplessis Richelieu (1766-1822), French statesman Rondellet Guillaume Rondelet (1507-1566), French naturalist and physician who contributed substantially to zoology through his descriptions of marine animals Suffren Pierre Andre de Suffren de St.
First of fathom measurement standards for surveying in stable cadastre (Cafourek 1967) was manufactured in Vienna in 1817, showing the length of one Lower Austrian fathom at the temperature of 13[degrees] as per Reaumur (5).
realiser "la nouvelle voie, [le] prolongement de la rue Reaumur,
El hecho de la regeneracion de las pinzas de ciertos cangrejos de rio dara lugar a la Memoire de Rene-Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur leida en la Academie des Sciences de Paris en 1712.
Aristotle uses this term to refer to cephalopods, but as Oliver Goldsmith notes in his History of the Earth and Animated Nature (1774), "the moderns" (such as Rend Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur) adapted it to denominate another kind of mollusk: a range of small, often microscopic creatures, including a freshwater sort that feeds on little red worms and a marine variety represented by sponges and corals.
The adversaries were led by Fontenelle, but included respectable and even prominent figures, such as Francois Nicole, Louis Bertrand Castel, Rene Antoine de Reaumur, Dortous de Mairan and others yet.
Fahrenheit and Reaumur also receive a mention for their thermometric scales.