reactive arthritis

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reactive arthritis

sterile, usually transient polyarthropathy following various infectious diseases.

reactive arthritis

A form of arthritis occurring as a result of bacterial infection, often combined with conjunctivitis and urethritis.

reactive arthritis

Etymology: L, re + activus, active
arthritis after an infection, such as urethritis caused by Chlamydia trachomatis or enteritis caused by Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, or Yersinia. Compare Reiter's syndrome.

reactive arthritis

Reiter syndrome, see there.

Reactive arthritis

Another name for Reiter's syndrome.
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Patient discussion about reactive arthritis

Q. Does anyone have experience treating reactive arthritis? symtoms: bladder incontence, sore joint, eye irritation, cracked fingers and lips

A. The management of reactive arthritis usually starts with pain killers and injection of steroids into the joints, and if necessary, stronger medications. Due to the severity of this condition, consulting a doctor may be wise.

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Reactive arthritis is a fascinating disease because, unlike most autoimmune conditions, we can tie the onset of symptoms to an infectious process.
No increased risk of valvular heart disease in adult poststreptococcal reactive arthritis.
Even though it is not possible to come to conclusive diagnosis of Poncet's disease, immunological reactions such as reactive arthritis even without respiratory symptoms should alert physician to search for TB.
The patients who had had reactive arthritis (arthritis of peripheral joints, dactylitis, enthesitis, sacroiliitis) for more than 12 months were classified as having the chronic form of disease [12, 17].
Based on self-reported survey results from residents of Minnesota and Oregon who suffered a foodborne illness, links to reactive arthritis symptoms were established.
Patients with suspected Lyme arthritis typically undergo arthrocentesis because there are other possible explanations for reactive arthritis besides Lyme disease.
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Since the first descriptions of psoriatic arthritis (1985) and reactive arthritis (1987) a variety of articular syndromes have been reported in association with HIV infection.
1) Spondyloarthritis regroups several related but phenotypically distinct disorders such as psoriatic arthritis, arthritis related to inflammatory bowel disease, reactive arthritis, a sub-group of juvenile chronic arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis with last mentioned being the prototypic and best studied subtype.
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Biofortuna and Edinburgh-based Lab901 last November announced they will collaborate on the development of an automated diagnostic system for the detection of celiac disease and other HLA-related diseases such as reactive arthritis, diabetes, and drug hypersensitivity.