chemical kinetics

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 [kĭ-net´iks; ki-net´iks]
the scientific study of the turnover, or rate of change, of a specific factor in the body, commonly expressed as units of amount per unit time.
chemical kinetics the scientific study of the rates and mechanisms of chemical reactions.
urea kinetics the movement of urea in the body and its excretion through the kidneys or dialysis apparatus; see also urea clearance.

chem·i·cal ki·net·ics

the study of the rates of chemical reactions.
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Figure 4 shows a comparison between the crank angles of knock onset (mixture auto-ignition) simulated with the detailed reaction kinetics mechanism at in-cylinder conditions and those predicted by a knock integral, equation (3), at various boundary conditions.
The results show that the most effective parameter is temperature, however, the concentration of the leaching agent, liquid to solid proportion, rate of stirring and sample particle size also affect the leaching reaction kinetics.
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Reaction Kinetics. The reduction of chlorinated organic compounds by the iron shavings is a typical solid-liquid interface reaction and has the following main reaction formula:
What they have done lays a foundation for the continuing research of the oxidation reaction kinetics of nanoparticles.
In the reaction kinetics module, there are other tabs that enable the user to view the curves and results of the tests.
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Turkish oil shale was studied by TGA at non-isothermal conditions under argon and first-order reaction kinetics was found to fit kinetic data [10].
The first half of the book explains basics of areas such as modeling, chemical thermodynamics, chemical reaction kinetics, and kinetics and statistics.
Thus, Equations (13), (14), (15) and (16) are adequate to describe the reaction kinetics. The reaction rate constants were obtained from slopes of plots shown in Figure 8.
NextGen Fuel Inc.'s biodiesel process technology leverages innovative process intensification techniques to accelerate and enhance traditional biodiesel reaction kinetics, thus decreasing process time, reducing energy and raw material needs, and increasing product quality.
Key words: Reaction kinetics, mathematical modelling, batch reactor, process control