germinal center of Flemming

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ger·mi·nal cen·ter of Flem·ming

the lightly staining center in a lymphoid nodule in which the predominant cells are large lymphocytes and macrophages.
Synonym(s): reaction center


Walther, German anatomist, 1843-1905.
Flemming fixative - a cytoplasmic and chromosomal fixative.
Flemming triple stain - a stain comprised of safranin, methyl violet, and orange G.
germinal center of Flemming - the lightly staining center in a lymphatic nodule in which the predominant cells are large lymphocytes and macrophages. Synonym(s): reaction center
intermediate body of Flemming - a dense stalk of residual interzonal spindle fibers (microtubules) and actin-containing filaments that is formed during anaphase of mitosis. Synonym(s): midbody
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Electron flux per reaction center in sorghum plants submitted to irrigation with saline solutions at 60 days after sowing (DAS) (A); Energy dissipated by reaction center in sorghum plants under abiotic stress conditions at 60 DAS (B)
Macromolecules and/or molecular complexes, membranes in biology, are inherently good representatives of nanosystems, since, as pointed out above, they fall in the range usually called "nano." It is interesting to emphasize that although the size of the reaction center protein falls in this range (ca.
The Performance Index ([PI.sup.ABS]), which is a combined measure of three partial performances: a) related with the amount of photosynthetic reaction centers, b) the maximal energy flux, which reaches the PSII reaction center, and c) the electron transport at the onset of illumination, was dose-dependent (decrease with increase of the dose) (Figure 3F).
After being captured, each pigment 'hands off' electrons to the next molecule until the electron is transferred to the reaction center.
When both [P.sub.680] and [Q.sub.A] are in the (electrically) neutral state, the PSII reaction center is in a state [P.sub.680].[Q.sub.A]] said to be open, meaning that is ready to carry out the charge separation process upon excitation of [P.sub.680].
The reaction center is awaiting the sun after a dark night But how are the two chlorophyll a's to capture the light?
It may be that the algae in the hypolimnion possess few reaction centers or that the reaction centers are blocked or inactive.
Version 2.0 of ISI Chemistry Server allows cross-file searching of Reaction Center and the new Compound Center database.
The Kohonen neural network, a kind of artificial neural network, was used to classify chemical reactions with a common reaction center described by physicochemical properties [2].
When reaction centers close, excitation energy passes from chlorophyll to zeaxanthin and is converted to thermal energy (increasing leaf temperature) before it reaches the PSII reaction center.
They are somewhat like a satellite dish antenna, in that from 100 to 5,000 pigment molecules (called collectively the "antenna") are clustered around a central receiving unit, which is called the reaction center. The photosystems are pigment/protein complexes located in specialized membranes called thylakoids.
This is the reason, according to Albayalde, why there is a need to set up Police Assistance Desks in all public schools as this would serve both as a crime deterrent and a quick reaction center for the students and teachers.