Re-Emerging Disease

Any condition, usually an infection, that had decreased in incidence in the global population and was brought under control through effective health care policy and improved living conditions, reached a nadir, and, more recently, began to resurge as a health problem due to changes in the health status of a susceptible population
Examples Cholera, dengue, diphtheria, malaria, tuberculosis
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"We must keep the region safe from new and re-emerging disease threats.
This alphavirus of the Togaviridae family was first described in 1952 after an outbreak in Tanzania.[1] This oddly termed virus owes its name to the African Kimakonde language which means "to walk bent over" due to joint pains associated with the disease - a major distinguishing factor from the dengue virus[2] and is sometimes known as the Buggy Creek Virus.[3] This virus, compared to dengue, is a re-emerging disease that has been raising the alarm in the Philippines, particularly, since arboviral infections like these are extensive in tropical areas.
This disease has regained the status of a re-emerging disease as recent cases have been reported in Ethiopia, Bahrain and Germany.
We are aware of climate changes, natural disasters, emerging or re-emerging disease or an overload of patients with chronic diseases or disabilities.
As a scientist who has written more than 10 scientific papers on glanders over the last six years and has given several lectures on this re-emerging disease, I am still puzzled about how it all happened.
Fauci discussed seasonal influenza as a re-emerging disease that changes every year.
Stephanie Schrag, an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), says estimates of the number of emerging infectious diseases can vary because there's no universal agreement on exactly what constitutes an emerging or re-emerging disease. In general, emergence has been tied to substantial increases in mortality and morbidity, but there are no strict thresholds for when a disease is considered emerging, and problems around the world with data quality compound the problem.
Chikungunya in Thailand: a re-emerging disease? Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health.
"A better understanding of these determinants is essential for our preparedness for the next emerging or re-emerging disease that will inevitably confront us," says Dr.
"At NCDC, we have more than 22 BSL (Bio-Safety Labs) which are extremely helpful in diagnosis and making preventive measures of emerging and re-emerging diseases."
The Masinde team says KNH faces tough competition from private hospitals, uptake of traditional and alternative medicine, resistance medicine and re-emerging diseases.
The health system, he said, continued to experience challenges such as emerging and re-emerging diseases, human resources capacity, technologies and financial constraints which negated efforts towards the achievement of health goals.