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John William Strutt, British physicist and Nobel laureate, 1842-1919. See: Rayleigh equation, Rayleigh test.
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We observe that our approach achieves the same performance bound over both Rayleigh and Nakagami-m fading channels.
To the best of our knowledge, the effects of the no wireless radio fading models other than the Rayleigh distribution have been considered in the performance of the adaptive networks [1]-[4], while it is a very important issue.
Through the numerical solutions of the conservation equations of mass and momentum, they found some special jumping phenomena around a Rayleigh step, which are important for designing a bearing and the study of wear characteristics.
In the main part of the paper, we present the results of a numerical study of the problems of natural convection at high Rayleigh numbers using the example of simulation of the COPO and BALI experiments.
For a given mode i, the critical damping ratio [[xi].sub.i] in Rayleigh damping is expressed in terms of damping coefficients [alpha] and [beta] as
The surface velocity values validate the correctness and feasibility to test the Rayleigh wave velocity.
Resonance in double-diffusive convection likewise has many applications since interactions between the fluid layers may greatly increase the critical Rayleigh number threshold for the onset of convection, which in turn is of interest to the energy industry.
A possible solution to these problems and ambiguities can be represented by the joint acquisition and analysis of Love waves and/or the radial component of Rayleigh waves (Safani et al., 2005; Dal Moro and Ferigo, 2011; Xia et al., 2012; Dal Moro et al., 2015b, 2016, 2017a).
For determining source locations, four techniques are used: (1) beamforming of the ambient seismic wave field, (62) (2) mapping source distribution by backprojecting observed body waves based on travel time, known as the backprojection method, (63) (3) modeling cross-correlation functions between pairs of stations, and (4) polarization analysis of Rayleigh waves at a station.
It has established a set of temperature reference solutions, velocities, current lines and the average Nusselt number for values of the Rayleigh number ranging from [10.sup.3] to [10.sup.16].
The obtained eigenvalues of the Rayleigh number, Ra, for the lower-upper rigid-rigid boundary conditions are